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Current Recording Gear

Guitar Amps & Stomp Boxes Go to this page to check out my different guitar amps and stomp boxes.

MonitorsMy main studio monitors are Event 20/20's. My mixes translate great to all mediums. Tried and true.

My second set of studio monitors are Equator Audio D5's. Co-ax designed boxes with a really focused midrange.

Pyle PCB4 -  My secret weapon grot boxes. These cheap little speakers with a single 4" driver tell the true story of the mix. I reference with them often and also use them when I collapse my mixes to mono to check integrity. These things are gold.

Fostex T20 -  Great headphones for tracking. Nice isolation and pretty comfortable to wear for longer periods.

Shure SRH840 - These headphones are truly un-hyped. Great for late-night mixing and for checking detail integrity.

MicrophonesMXL 2003a -  Black chrome finish. Large diaphram condensor. Clear and balanced. Especially nice for female vocals. Nice air.
MXL 603  -  Black chrome finish. Small diaphram condensor. Great for percussion & as a secondary acoustic guitar mic.
MXL 67G - Large diaphram condensor. Great on accoustic instruments & vocals. Has a beefy, slightly gritty vibe. Very "present" sounding.
Peavey PVM 520i -  Dynamic cardoid. This gem is a poor man's SM7 substitute. Great when dual miking guitar cabs along with a ribbon or a 57.
CAD M179 -  Multi-pattern large diaphram condensor. Swiss army knife mic. Neutral response.
Apex 205 (modded) -  Passive ribbon so it requires a healthy preamp. Smooth as silk. Takes EQ unbelivably well. Great on vocals & guitar cabs.
AT 4040 - Large diaphram condensor. Great for percussion, acoustic guitar & vocals. Has a very "modern" sound on vocals.
Shure SM57 - Dynamic cardoid. Who doesn't have one of these. Magic for rock guitars.
Shure SM56 unidyne III (pair) -  Dynamic cardoid. USA made. Pistol grip w/hi-lo switchable impedance. Discontinued in '85. Mine are from the 60's. Warmer, richer and fuller sound than a current 57.
Shure 545 unidyne III -  Dynamic cardoid. USA made. dual impedance. Mine is from the 60's. Instant mojo on anything you put it in on.
Electro Voice RE20 -  Dynamic cardoid. Broadcast industry standard. Great on bass, kick and vocals. Very condensor-like when paired with a great preamp.
And the mic locker keeps growing and growing. You can never have enough flavors. :-)

GuitarsGo to this page to check out all my different instruments.

Controllers/Keyboards/SynthsAkai Professional MPK88 - 88 keys. Great weighted action. The MPC style drum triggers are super sensitive. And the transport controls and faders integrate seemlessly with Cubase. This keyboard controller is heavy. So at least for me, it's not a gigging piece of gear.

Go to this page to check out some of my different hardware instruments.

Computer Interface/SoftwareI use a Toshiba laptop running Windows 10 in my studio. Quad core. 8 gigs of RAM. The OS is tweaked for running audio apps. Who says you can't make an album on a semi-modest system. My main interface is the Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 DSP. Very clean and precise pre-amps. A couple of different monioring options. Outputting a S/PDIF signal to my monitors provides a really clean translation.

Steinberg Cubase & Avid Pro Tools are my DAW's of choice. I work alot with MIDI and Cubase MIDI operations are unparallel. As new versions have been introduced, the audio capabilties have in my opinion, finally caught up to Pro Tools. Regarding Pro Tools... what can you say. It's the industry standard. Hey... At the end of the day, it's just a tool. PC... Mac... Pro Tools... Cubase... it's the person using the software that creates the music and it's the person that has the ear to make it sound good.

Here is a list of some of the software effects I use...
I used effect plug-ins from Waves, Slate Digital, PSP Audioware (great comps as well as tube and tape emulaters), Plugin Alliance (their Maag EQ is so musical), Fabfilter (their limiter and eq's are great) and all the other familiar software toys.

Here is a list of some of the virtual/software instruments used to create my debut album Mélange...
Applied Acoustics System Lounge Lizard, Korg Legacy Plug-Ins, Native Instruments Komplete, 4Front TruePianos, GSI VB3, Steinberg Hypersonic 2, U-he Zebra, BigFishAudio Fist Call Horns