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Current Stage Gear

Guitar Amps & Stomp Boxes I played guitar (and keys sometimes) through the Jazz Chorus for many years, but eventually ditched it completely. My currently guitar rig is all in the box. All run off my laptop. I run my guitar through my interface and into my laptop via firewire (re: no latency) where I run virtual emulations and effects. Software is either Kontact Guitar Rig Pro or Overloud TH2. Guitar Rig works great for "produced" type tones. Big sounds. While TH2 is super for playing realistic emulations. It responds wonderfully to playing dynamics. I'm glad I made the switch to virtual emulations. Less gear to carry. The sound operators I work with love it. And honestly, the varied tones I can achive are killer. These types of software are only getting better.

MonitoringMaybe 10 years ago I changed over to an in-ear monitoring setup. It's saved my voice. It's saved my ears. It's saved my back. Always recording and monitoring with headphones made the transition simple for me. In-ear monitors certainly take some getting used to. But after 2 or 3 weeks, there was no turning back. When the return mix is really dialed in, it's heaven. Like playing along while having the best seat in the house. I've tried all the different popular brands... Ultimate Ears... Shure... Etymonic... Sennheisers... Sensaphonics... The Sennheisers and Sensaphonics are great, but their hi-end cost a small fortune. In my humble opinion, the most musical sounding and comfortable, by far, are the Westones. Bang for the buck, the best out there for everyday working musicians. Specifically the UM2 and UM3X. I personally have a pair of their 2-way and 3-way driver models w/custom mold earpieces. They are super comfortable and isolate really well. Another thing... They might be overkill for your Ipod or MP3 player, but if you're serious about the quality/fidelity of your music, holy cow do these transform portable music systems.

When I do have to use a stage amplification these days, here's what I use...
Barbetta Sona 41 -  Boutique manufacturer located in California. You cal them up with a problem, and you speak directly to Tony Barbetta on the phone. Great quality and portability.

Electro Voice ZXA1 - I have a pair of them and run them in stereo. Holy crap are these things loud. 800 clean watts. And they are 19 lb each. The tight sub-bottom end that comes out of them for their size is incredible. Need a small compact powered wedge? Check them out. The sound pressure (and quality) that comes out of them will blow your mind.

GuitarsGo to this page to check out all my different instruments.

Hardware Keyboards/SynthsYamaha S90 SX - 88 keys. Weighted action. Super intuative to program. This keyboard has great controller capabilities and super versitle internal sound banks. Different keyboard instruments have different "personalities". This instrument is so harmonically rich and present. The strings are lush. The EP's are dymanic and bark if you stomp on them. The pianos are... well... it IS a Yamaha.

Korg M50 -73 keys. Super portable/lightweight. Great layering/split possibilities. Great analog emulations.

Computer Interface/SoftwareI run a Toshiba laptop loaded with Windows 10 on stage. It's been very reliable. My live/stage interface is a Prosonus Firestudio Mobile. The pre-amps are very clean. My guitar goes through it. My hardware instruments go through it in stereo. My in-ear mix goes through it for processing. I mix myself right through the Prosunus software. The software allows 3 separate mixes. I have it setup where I use one stereo mix for front of house. One mono mix to my drummer. And a third stereo mix to my in-ear monitor amp.

My main instrument/effect/software is Brainspawn Forte. It basically provides a virtual instrument/effects/etc. rack. The routing and scene options are off the chart. It's made specifically for live use. The software is very stable. It has never crashed on me.

Here are some of the software instruments I use on stage...
GSI VB3 - I use this for all my organ emulations. It can get super gritty. You can almost hear the tonewheels spinning.

Steinberg Hypersonic 2 - Older discontinued virtual workstation. Incredibly versatile. It just sounds great and is easy to program.

Applied Acoustics System Lounge Lizard - I supplement my Yamaha's EP's with this software. It absolutely nails certain classic Rhodes and Wurly sounds.

Korg Legacy Plug-Ins - It's like having all of Korgs older synths right at your fingertips. The emulations are, to my ears, absolutely exact. And another cool thing is that the you can load original hardware synth patches/combos/preferences into the software versions.

Native Instruments Pro 53 - Even though it's discontinued software, it still sounds absolutely great to my ears. Very analog. A perfect Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 emulation.