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About Game Over

Game Over (rel. 12.15.2014) is a uniquely themed & introspective 6 song EP. This guitar-driven and rock influenced release features heavy, hard hitting material as well as cutting edge production. Writing for the album began back in 2012. The imagination of a writer's mind can get pretty carried away. And that's what happened with the opening track "I'll Dig Myself A Grave". The hypothetical question came up in my mind's eye... How would one feel and what would occur if you woke up one morning to find everything, including your own self/soul, gone? Erased. Lost forever... a personal world ended... without warning. A demented, but fun thought/subject in the hands of a songwriter. ;-) The song sat around for a while. Earlier this year I really got into post-apocalyptic shows/movies and remembered that I had this tune collecting dust. So I decided to expand on the initial idea, creating a short musical story of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. This album illustrates that tale through song...
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01. I'll Dig Myself A Grave

What if everything that you once knew, once loved, once treasured and maybe even took for granted was all of sudden, in the blink of a moment, rendered completely non-existent in your mind's eye? Everything that at one time had some sort of place in your life... all of a sudden with no bearing and with no sense of meaning. We are who we are because of our life experiences as well as our personal interactions. And we are nothing and basically soul-less as humans without those life moments and conversations. Who am I...? Where am I...?

02. Eyes On Fire

My soul cries out as I try to recall who I once was. I want to shape myself into some sort of semblance of the person I once was. There's a struggle that I feel inside though... an empty burning sensation to find my place in this foreign world. I am surrounded my many who are also lost. I feel so alone.

03. To My Heart

What is that...??? It's a simple voice that "speaks" to me. A peaceful voice that wants to help guide me. A caring voice that re-assures me. Is it a voice from within or from some familiar past? hmmm... There is one thing I am sure of... it is the first time... in a long time... that I feel any sense of hope for my future in this dark world.

04. Get Outta My Way

I finally feel like I'm on the right path because I'm actually starting realize my direction and purpose. There is a long hard road ahead, but I'm full determination now. Determined and... strong in spirit.

05. Terrible Mary

I'm not so naive to think that it would be a smoothly paved road to reach my ultimate goal. I knew there would be obstacles to conquer and temptations that I must overcome. I know that I must pursue and continue, only looking forward, in order to learn myself and to fill my soul.

06. Feed The Masses

Many of us spend a good portion of our lives fighting for what we believe. In fact, many of us are willing to die for our beliefs. I think that one day we will all triumph and I find our inner selves... our true soul. Each of us in our own time. My soul is slowly re-building in this dark and lonely world. There are many illusions and trickerys around ever corner of this world. So all I have right now is faith to guide me...

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