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About Mélange

Mélange (rel. 3.12.2013) is the debut album of Edward Huerta. After a successful music career that spans 30 years and counting, and a true love of music that took root in his early childhood, Mélange comes after a period where self-reflection and creative inspiration joined forces to deliver an eclectic compilation of soul-felt tracks that together, form a wonderfully coalesced songbook of a dozen originally written, composed, and arranged titles. The entirely self-produced effort by this musician/songwriter documents passions and pitfalls throughout his life’s journey - from lessons learned, to regret, loss, new-found joy, and musings about life... even beyond this one. Each tune blends a distinctive combination of sounds and elements – rock, pop, funk, latin, R&B and jazz  – with inspired riffs, hooks and unexpected "ear-candy" to create just the right musical path for each of the personal stories he has to tell.
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That Ain't Me

“You ever meet people in your life that you feel really connected to and have so much in common with and can hang with for hours on end and never tire? But the closer and closer you get, the more and more you realize how truly different you both are. Core ideals are at opposite ends of the universe. Basic moral principles are far apart. Sometimes, even dark traits surface. Scary stuff. Better to stay away and move on with life."

River Of Silence

“I think everyone needs alone time every so often. Real alone time. Disappearing for a while through relaxation and meditation is good. It really helps in clearing your head of the bullshit and pollution that comes with living in our human society. We all need alone time to contemplate the lives we lead. Contemplate one's own existence. Contemplate our actions."

Take It Where You Go

“Man... it sure isn't long before they leave the nest. They sure do grow up mighty fast. As a parent I've found myself second guessing decisions and judging my reactions to past situations many times over. I think... Did I set a good example?  Maybe I was a little too hard? Perhaps I should have handled it differently? Parenting is certainly a job where you learn as you go and try the best you can through knowledge and experience. I've come to realize that I live with a couple of regrets. I definitely wish I could have a 'do-over' of certain times."

She Makes Me Crazy

“I've wondered many times why the hell I put up with certain people. Why I allow them to take advantage and walk all over me. I look in the mirror and roll my eyes at my own reflection cause 'I should know better.' It makes me want to slap myself silly."

Don't Want Your Money

“I dislike materialism. I am uncomfortable in a society that 'ranks' you by what kind of car you drive or what brand of clothes you wear. Now don't get me wrong... I like to have nice things just like the next guy. And I work hard to make that car or flat screen payment on time every month. But flaunting wealth or rubbing a holier than thou' attitude in other's faces that maybe aren't as fortunate?? Those type of people... the ones who are proud of this way of thinking... well... I don't have a place or the time for that way of being."

I Know

“This tune is very simply about my own sometimes pathetic, childish behavior. Maybe one day I'll grow up. Naaaaah ;-)"

Will You

“So many people nowadays spend much of their time and energies (and money in many cases) looking for love and companionship. Through singles groups... Online and speed dating... Club Med Vacations... But you know what...? Relationships sometimes come about under the weirdest circumstances, at the oddist times and when you're least prepared and not necessarilly 'on the prowl.' Funny how that happens. Outta left field... BANG!  When you least expect it. It happened to me. Love walked into my life very unexpectedly. And boy am I ever glad I was aware enough to realize it. I'm a better person because of her."

Side To Side

“Endless Indecision, Procrastination and Deception (re: bull-shitting)... 3 of my current pet peeves. 3 things that get under my skin. 3 behaviors that I personally learned how to overcome probably way back in grade school or maybe high school. I have a hard time nowadays dealing with adults who regularly exhibit these childish ways. I often have to remind myself to take a deep breath... have patience... keep smiling... etc. Argh!"

Lost Again

"You ever feel alone or alienated, even when you're in a crowded room? Or somewhat disconnected from reality? I think that the general feelings of this lyric may connect with many of us regarding certain times or periods in our lives. This tune is actually very close to me. My dad, who lives with Alzheimer's Disease, was the inspiration for the lyrics. I often wonder what he ponders about. What he's thinking during silent moments. What he dreams about when he rests. His views of the world around him. I believe that if my dad could put these thoughts and feelings into words and those words into song... well... here you go... You are my hero, Pop. My inspiration for many things. I admire and respect you. And I'm forever here for you. I love you always."


“Here Come Da Funk!"

Can't Kiss A Memory

“I don't know why this tune sounds so happy. Maybe it's the island/reggae kinda groove. Those types of songs are usually about happy subjects with light-hearted lyrics. The subject matter for this tune is actually kind of sad. It's about people that you've lost. Sometimes I just wish I could get a hug from my aunt just one more time. Or watch a Yankee game with my grandfather. Or call my brother-in-law on the phone and shoot the shit. But I can't do any of these things with these people anymore. A hard reality. Come to realize though, as time passes and broken hearts slowly heal, that their spirit is still very much with me. And to me, as a matter of fact, even in a much deeper way. Always around... just over my shoulder. Hmmm... maybe this is a happy song after all."

Shiny Zebra

“Everyone thinks about death at some time or another. That's maybe a bit morbid I guess. But I believe it's one of the few realities that comes with being human, whether you believe in God or not. Hey, this body of ours only lasts for so long before it eventually runs out of gas, right? This kinda spacey song was written with strong imagery in mind as well as a good dose of healthy imagination... A snapshot of what it may be like when our day comes."
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